Nutritious Breakfast Sandwich 

Enjoy this nutritious and delicious breakfast sandwich with a filing of delicious green chutney, tomatoes, dates and cream ! My Mom came up with this wonderful recipe and since then everyone at home loves this bread sandwich combination. This sandwich is full of vitamins and iron, so go ahead and indulge 😊

Makes: Around 5-6 sandwiches


  • For the cream spread 
    • Heavy cream – 2 tbsp
    • Butter – 2 tbsp
    • Yogurt – 2 tbsp
  • For the green chutney
    • 2-3 green chillies
    • A bunch of cilantro
    • A spring of mint leaves
    • A garlic clove
    • 1/8 cup coconut
    • Salt, to taste
    • Juice of one small lemon
  • 1 big tomato, chopped into thin circles
  • A few dates, finely chopped
  • Mint leaves, finely chopped
  • Bread slices, for the sandwich


  • Mix the cream, butter and yogurt well to make a spread
  • Grind all the ingredients for the green chutney, adding water as required
  • Slice the tomato into thin circles. Chop the dates into fine pieces
  • Toast the bread slices in butter or ghee on a pan or just use your toaster
  • Apply the creamy mix on one roasted bread slice
  • Apply green chutney on another
  • Top the cream mix with tomato slices
  • Top the chutney part with dates and finely chopped mint leaves
  • Close the slices and serve
  • Keep the spreads and fillings ready on the refrigerator. Keep the toasts hot. That will give a nice taste similar to a sub. It will be warm outside and chill inside, slowly savour the sweet (dates), tangy (tomato) and spicy ( chutney) tastes, all in one

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