Baby First Food: Vegetable Puree


Simple tips and guidelines for preparing your baby’s first vegetable puree

  • I recommend you to check this section on my blog: – Guide to starting solid food for babies for some guidelines and tips about starting solid foods for your lil one.
  • I strongly recommend you to check with your doctor before introducing any new food for your baby. Once you start a new food, follow the 3-4 day rule, i.e wait for 3 days before starting the next new food to watch out for any reactions

Appropriate for: Baby who has been given a green signal by the pediatrician to start solid home made food (Typically 6 months and above)

First Food Vegetables (These are the list of vegetables that I tried out for my lil one)

  • Yellow vegetables: carrot, sweet potato, squash
  • Green vegetables: spinach, beans, green peas


I used a rice cooker for cooking the vegetables. You can use any other method of cooking as well – pressure cooker, stove top. I have followed the instructions given in the rice cooker manual w.r.t the steaming instructions and steaming time. Below is a table that summarizes the cooking instructions for all the basic vegetable purees:

Steaming instructions for rice cooker (Common for all vegetables):

  • Add 3 cups water to the cooking pot and place the vegetable to be steamed in the steam tray
Vegetable Basic Preparation Steaming time
Carrot Peel carrots, wash thoroughly and chop into fine pieces 13-15 minutes
Butternut squash Peel the butternut squash and wash thoroughly, chop into fine pieces. Alternatively can use organic frozen butternut squash 11-13 minutes
Yellow squash Peel the squash and wash thoroughly, chop into fine pieces. 11-13 minutes
Green beans Wash thoroughly, chop into fine pieces 9-11 minutes
Green peas Wash thoroughly 6-7 minutes
Spinach Soak the spinach leaves in water for sometime and then wash thoroughly, chop the leaves finely 6-7 minutes
Sweet potato Peel and wash thoroughly, chop into fine pieces 28-33 minutes

Puree Instructions (Common for all vegetables):

  • Allow the cooked vegetable to cool down completely
  • Puree in a blender or mixer, adding water as required to make a fine paste.  Make use of the water that was used for steaming the vegetable

Note: The information here is meant to serve as a guide and resource for starting solid foods for babies. It should not be be substituted for the provision or practice of professional healthcare advice and help. Always check with your pediatrician before introducing a new kind of food for your baby


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